Occult Knowledge: Amber

Amber is a trees blood that was created with the intention of healing and protecting the trees wounds. Knowing this, amber heals and protects our bodies, our mind, and our soul.

The energy is so strong from this crystal that the energy from it cannot be changed in anyway.

Amber is a powerful tool for past-life recall. It also pulls pain out of the body, mind, and soul.

Amber is biological and can be consumed. Amber smoothes, calms, and eases blockages, like honey for the body.

Amber can be used in a wide variety of ways. It was always a treasure to look out for.

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info from: https://magic-spells-and-potions.com/amber_magic.htm

Amazing website, huge collection of information and fun.

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Occult Knowledge: Peacock Ore

Peacock ore will align and balance all your chakras. After it cleanses each one, it aligns all of your energetic bodies to the physical body.

Peacock ore assists you in aligning your thoughts and emotions to your inner self.

Peacock ore connects very deeply with the third eye in particular and is a key to connecting yourself with ancient occult knowledge.

Archangel Metatron assists you with this crystal to keep balanced and aligned. This stone is great for self-empowerment.

What an amazing tool this stone is! This is definitely one of my must haves in my collection. The energy from this crystal is very strong and it completely takes out any negative energies from me like an extremely strong magnet.

I love traveling to different astrological planes with this crystal. This is such a unique stone that has more about it than what many know. This crystal will give you more knowledge when you form a stronger connection with it.

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I love the in-depth information from this site. Reading from here teaches me about myself meaning everything.

How Food Affects You in Ways you Might not Know

Since ancient times, we have known we live in a world of illusion. Our food is killing us. Big corporations and the government are earning money on people buying meat and dairy. The meat and dairy are causing people to getting cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Meat is a worse carcinogen than cigarettes. Dairy and eggs are both extremely fatty and are both not meant for the human body. A documentary that explains this topic in greater detail is called “What the Health” on Netflix.

Why would he government do this? Because cancer is over a trillion dollar industry. They put the illusion that perceptions are a cure and a crutch, but what you should do is prevent your body to getting to that state in the first place. The cure to all diseases including cancer and diabetes is a plant-based diet. A vegan diet is proven to reverse all diseases.

The information that comes out about diet and the research are all funded by the corporations that want you to buy their meat and dairy. Just like how the tobacco industry was doing the research on tobacco and they stated that their research shows tobacco is not bad for you and many people used to smoke because of that, but because the real facts started to come out, people stopped smoking as much.

A plant-based diet has many misconceptions with it. For one, people will ask “where will you get your protein”. Often Americans eat too much protein and plant proteins and any nutrients from plants are better for your body than flesh. Humans do not need to eat meat to survive. All protein comes from plants, animals digest it and you get the second hand proteins.

Animal flesh coats your arteries with cholesterol, has high sodium content, and causes more deaths than 7 9/11 attacks a year. Diseases easily spread in the conditions of the animals being picked together in their own feces.

On a spiritual level, when the animal dies, and you eat the meat of that animal, you take on its energy, it’s sadness, suffering, grief, and more and you experience this energy in your life. Got soul is taking the hits and your vibration lowers greatly from eating flesh.

The farms for these animals are the biggest problem for our environment. The earth and people will see unforeseen improvements by living by a plant-based diet, without meat, dairy, and eggs.

In conclusion, I recommend trying a plant based diet. It takes 35 days for your body to completely regenerate itself. These meats and sugars are addicting and it is difficult for some, but if you go vegan for the right reasons, it is easy because you do not want to support the corruption or even harm animals, the earth, and yourself.

Protection from Radiation

Radiation is a common way that many people not only get cancer, but spiritually, drains their soul.

One thing you can do is stop using the microwave and use the stove or a toaster oven. Microwaves have been tested by reading the amount of radiation emitting from it, but also there was an experiment that used microwaved water to water a plant and non- microwaved water and the one with microwaved water died and the one with regular water was green and grew.

Another thing you can do is use a shungite mobile phone protector for your phone. Wireless phones emit an extremely large amount of radiation and phones are constantly put up to our heads or in our pocket next to our body. Shungite is a super powerful crystal that blocks way more radiation than your phone can emit.

I also put shungite protectors on my gaming consoles and any electronic that I own. You will notice a huge difference when you put this on. You will feel a huge relief even if you do not feel the radiation as sensitive as others.

Smoky quartz also helps with radiation and it is great to have a piece of it in a room with a lot of electronics, or in your bedroom to help with sleep, or on you as jewelry, or in your pocket.

Overall there are more ways to protect yourself from radiation, but these are some big ways you can make a huge difference with the energies in your home and around you.

What to do about Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts, just like the Dalai Lama said are because of an I, I, I, self centered perspective, and also because of taking reality as it appears. Reality is not what it appears to be.

Reality is made up of our mind with perception, thoughts, and feelings.

Taking reality as it appears as negative is just believing the illusion of your perception.

You create your own reality. We have the power to instantly change anything from good to bad, black to white, just by changing our thoughts about something; by seeing it differently than you did before.

Heaven and hell are on earth, it is just based on how you perceive and view the world around you.

You can make any experience hell by focusing on the negative, and you can make it heaven by focusing on the positive.

Changing your perception of things can come by deciding on a bad day that it is actually a good day. If you truly believe that, the day will change.

You can also change your perception by acquiring new knowledge. Your perception and interpretation of that new knowledge is how it affects your reality. All knowledge is neutral, everything is neutral, we decide to put a label of bad or good.

There is no bad or good. To a “bad” person, they are doing what they believe and see is right for them. Same for a “good”person.

Everything in the universe is a beautiful blank canvas for us to create our reality on.

In conclusion, if you are having negative thoughts, change your mindset to having a positive and great experience and truly believe it. Your reality will change because we are the creators. We have the power, not anything external.

How to Become Rich Doing What you Love

Your talents, interests, passion, and love are all keys that will unlock success for you.

The road towards success is not easy, that is why you cannot just do anything to get there. You need to put in the work and the way you do that is by doing what you love.

It is by doing what you are here on earth for. It is using your talents, skills, interests, passion, love and focusing that all for helping others.

When you help others, focus on how you are adding value to them, not how you can make more money.

If you just focus on the money in survival mode or selfish reasons, you are very limited, and you block off many opportunities coming to you.

Really find who you are and why you are here. Look at clues in your past, the present with what you are good at, love, and want to do, and the future for where you want to be.

To find what you love, find what you cannot go without doing you love it so much. Find what you find time for no matter what. Getting to do something you think you like a lot is not enough. You need to be driven by love and passion. This is the fire that will propel you towards your dreams.

The past, present, and future are all happening at the same time. See yourself already in your success and act the part. Set your mind in the frame of already being rich. See your relationships as priceless and that you are already rich. See and appreciate where you are and what you have, and what you have done to get it.

In conclusion, follow your heart, not your fears. Your fears are programs in your head that lead you away from not only success, but life itself. Take chances. Think of a bird flying for the first time jumping off the nest. It doesn’t know if it can fly, but it jumps. That is the only way to fly. The only way to live, to be successful, is to jump with your love and passion as your wings as you fly through the sky.

Taking Breaks

Taking breaks is not only a way to be more productive, it is a way of showing love and respect to yourself. Breaks are natural, we are not machines. We become much more effective after having a real break.

Listen to music, paint, write, play games, anything that you enjoy and brings life force energy back into you. Recharge yourself and then continue working until you need to do this again.

I read a quote once that said “do whatever it takes to make you feel right again”. This speaks to me so much because it is so true and relatable. Don’t judge yourself or worry about being judged about anything you do, just do whatever it takes to feel good again. Follow your heart. Your heart will guide you to your happiness, success, and your deepest heartfelt desires.


There are many starseeds in all different vibrations of music. There are starseeds that change and inspire and enlighten in the lower vibration area of the zodiac wheel as well. Artist, like XXXTentacion and Lil Peep were sent here to change music, systems, people, society, and the world. Their music really helps many people not only get through deep dark emotions, they help you make positive in your life.

Something does not need to be positive to be spiritual because positive and negative do not exist. They are being raw and authentic.

By not being positive, their music helps people feel and cope with what they are feeling. They are helping people to feel their emotions and achieve their goals and see that pain is progress towards where you want to be.

They openly express the power of the mind and how you create your own reality, and anything you desire you will have soon so you already have it.

They promote individuality and doing things your way, not previous systems.

Overall, see the bigger picture with starseeds and music. They have been through a lot to express and help people through their music and them as a symbol to you that stays with you in your soul.

The Present Moment and How Time Works

Now that time has switched from circular time to spiral time, the past, present, and future are all happening at once because your past and your future are connected in the spiral instead of separate events. All of existence is in the present moment.

Really try and stay still and perceive everything you are experiencing with all of your senses. Notice the smell of the air, how it feels to go down into your lungs, how the temperature feels like on your skin. Notice how it feels on your legs when your sitting or standing.

The present moment is infinite. From here in this timeless space, you can change your past, present, and future. You can meditate and when you open your eyes, you are opening them in a higher dimension aligned with the reality you desire.

You are limitless. You are infinite. Your magic is with intent, though, and feelings and you mixing in your creativity in the magic to really see with your third eye into the dimension that is here where these are visible.


Feel your feelings, embrace them. When your joyful, depressed, anxious, or zen, fully feel that. Otherwise you are not being truly you and honoring yourself, your feelings are you.

Experiencing your feelings is needed to go in the directions you want, otherwise you are delaying your positive changes and development.

Experiencing our feelings is so you can understand where you are and who you are. Then we can clearly see what affects us and what we can do.

If your situation seems helpless, know you are manifesting that. Know that if you change your thoughts, you change your reality.

One night, I was having a bad night and I stopped and changed my thoughts and beliefs to this is a great night and my night became great.

Don’t let anything or anyone control and affect your energy and mood. If someone is sad near you, don’t accept that energy. Deflect all that energy. Often people like to vent and send all that energy to you, but send that energy back to them, don’t accept it.

Overall, be in control of your own energy and emotions, don’t let others control them; or otherwise your a puppet to your environment and anything can take you off track.