Knowledge Sanctuary

Thank you for joining me! I have been really feeling a call to share my knowledge and my experiences as I continue down my spiritual path; especially now during this ascension.

“If you change your thoughts, you change your reality”

I have been inspired by many youtube channels such as: Spirit Science, Infinite Waters, Teal Swan, DNA Activation, The Truth will set you Free, and many more. Alan Watts is one of the most inspirational philosophers i learn from. Also, I am reading many books currently like The Green Witch, and the Emerald Tablets.

I just got into painting, I have a Tarot deck and 3 oracle decks, one is a spirit animal deck, an angel deck, and a dragon deck.

I will be posting daily on either my experiences, thoughts, or feelings.

I deeply enjoy the journey, thank you for your interest!  🙂

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Along my spiritual journey

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