What is Alchemy?


Alchemy is the transmutation of energy. An alchemist does not let outside energies affect him/her by transmuting the energies sent to him by turning any energy into a fuel for what he/she wants to develop.

Alchemy also is transformation of the self, of the soul. It was brought to Earth by Thoth in ancient Egypt, and taught in mystery schools around the world.

Alchemy used the physical alchemy of elements and properties to represent the transmutation of the soul. It teaches how to reach the immortal state (we are all immortal already and not just this body) with the body by coming back into it after death when the alchemist desires, like how Osiris, Jesus, Buddha, and many more did.

There is alchemy of the mind as well, changing mental beliefs, thoughts, blocks, fears, etc… The mind is not the master, we are the master with our mind as a useful tool. It often can be distracting for us. Alan Watts said “If you only think about thoughts about thoughts, you do not really live”. you do not really experience if you are trapped in thoughts of thoughts of thoughts. The physical is projected by the mind and you can change anything physical, even your health, if you change your thoughts, beliefs, intent, attention, and feelings.

Many of our geniuses such as Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein all transmitted their sexual energy into creative energy.

Every single thing is alive, everything is a branch of one thing, and every single thing is a great mystery of beauty and magic.

tree 1

Your emotions, just like your thoughts, etc, are in your electromagnetic field and your electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic fields and energy of everything around you. It tells the molecules around you how to interact, behave, and for which molecules will exist. Molecules being observed come into existence, molecules not being observed by your conscious or unconscious mind, do not exist. The universe does not know good or bad, but it knows what your attention, thoughts, and feelings attract.

Dragons are associated with alchemy. Alchemy has many symbols that give a better understanding when looking at symbolic and esoteric art.

Overall, alchemy is a huge topic and I will write another blog more in depth about alchemy, this is just a brief introduction of the topic. Alchemy is much more than what is on the surface; it is spiritual. If you wish to learn more about Alchemy on your own, I recommend reading a book called “The Emerald Tablets and The Kybalion”.

In the book “The Alchemist” – by Paulo Coelho, he does not talk about the main character mixing different elements and chemicals together; it is about him transmitting his self and his life.

Thank you for all the support 🙂

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  1. Wow, incredible post! I’m an aspiring alchemist, and this stuff is really, really hard. I’ve survived child and adult homelessness, abuse, bullying, mental illness, racism/reverse racism and beauty prejudice, so I’m limping through life dripping blood. But I believe that with the proper focus, intent and effort, I can transform my own pettiness, cruelty and sense of entitlement into a god-consciousness that will allow me to navigate the world skillfully and productively. Please keep writing about this stuff! Thanks 🙂

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