What Happens When we Die?

We never really die, we are immortal. “We are a multi-dimensional being in a human body” – Infinite Waters. Our soul is who we are and when we die, we just change states of being.

When we die, merge with our higher self, the self that remembers everything you have experienced and is the highest vibrational expression of yourself.

Here we are free to travel to all the dimensions as we please. We can manifest and create instantly. You can materialize anything anywhere and make worlds and universes.

We can incarnate into another body on earth or anywhere else in existence.

We would choose to incarnate into a body so we can learn through experience because the best way to learn something is to be in that persons shoes.

We are constantly learning about and developing ourselves. We are all source consciousness experiencing itself.

You can meet up with other souls you want to. You can go anywhere and create anything.

Some of us chose to incarnate here from other galaxies into a human body to help our planet ascend to a higher consciousness, to break through the illusions here, and raise to the 5th dimension. They are called starseeds.

Some people are trapped in soul recycler which is advanced technology that some of the “bad” extraterrestrials have. You look at your life and they try to make you feel guilty on how you affected people and to make you want to go into earth again to be an economic slave for their interest. Also they will lure you into wanting to go into the white light by disguising themselves as loved ones or deities. The thing is that they want you to go into the white light, but they can’t make you; you have to go in voluntarily.

So don’t go into earth with this or any contracts or anything. You didn’t do anything bad in your life, you incarnated into that life wanting to experience that. Good and bad do not exist, they are another system of control. Incarnate into earth if you want to on your own terms.

Overall, no one really dies. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy that we are, are just changing states of consciousness. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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