What is the Event/Ascension?

The “event” has already started. The event is our planet being raised in consciousness from a 3D to a 5D planet. Animals will raise from 2D to 3D. A lot of us have already made the shift to 5D and are now learning the new shifts and abilities.

Every 26,000 Years the earth and earthlings go through an evolution of consciousness. It reached 26,000 years in 2012 and we have been waking up from our sleep collectively.

Soon a solar flash is going to come that will bring much energy to our planet and activate the planets shift to 5D. This light and wave of energy will be seen by everyone.

Beings that have been helping us with our ascension are going to come when the solar flash comes and will teach us about all the entities that have been here trying to keep the human race asleep with illusions of their system that gives them energy from us by us putting energy into consumerism, work that we do not want to do, sports, religions, pornography, and many more things like this feed your energy right to these entities and keep you enslaved to it on your own will.

All those negative entities and beings are going to leave at this time because they cannot handle the high vibration and dimension of the earth, where the energy will be love.

The extraterrestrials that have been helping us ascend will teach us all about our new earth and about our new abilities. Also our true history and anything else we want to know.

They will make new systems instead of our government. They will also get rid of other control systems and they will give us a new currency that has intrinsic value.

The event is coming soon. No one knows for sure exactly when but possibly this year.

If you incarnated here to specifically not to be woken up to experience that, then you will be taken to another 3 dimensional planet. If you cannot handle the high energy at the time the planet ascends, you can be taken to other 3D planets and come back when you want to and can handle it.

Right now we should not wait and try to think about when it will come, but we could prepare for the shift by raising our vibration, frequency, and consciousness. We can do this by changing our diets, by meditating, doing yoga, painting, reading, learning more about spirituality, connecting more with the earth, connecting more with yourself and inner child, and many more higher vibrational activities.

Overall, the event is already happening and we should really continue on our path. Yes the planet is ascending, but we still need to raise our consciousness. Although, 5D will make it easier to raise it than before, we still need to raise it ourselves.

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