Higher Vibrational Eating?

We get our nutrients from the suns energy. Some people directly get this energy from the sun to nurture themselves from the first and last hour of the sun. This is because it is safe to be looking at the sun during these times.

If you wish to start sun gazing to get nutrients and light codes, it is recommended to start during these times and start only with 5 mins and work your way up.

Plants absorb the suns energy, and by eating a plant based diet, you get the direct nutrients from the sun.

When you eat meat, the animal ate the plants and processes it then you get less nutrients from the sun. That is a reason why vegans eat less food.

Also, animals are 2D, so eating them lowers your vibration. You also eat the energies at the time it died so if it was living in bad conditions and in fear, you bring that in you. Especially since now since we are 5D or ascending to it from 3D. Eating meat can slow your spiritual growth.

There are many plants that have a ton of protein. Spirulina is a wonderful plant that has 4 times the amount of protein as meat. Water cress is also a great source of protein and also many other great minerals and vitamins. Broccoli is great for protein and much more. Not only do they have many benefits additional to the benefits of eating meat, it is good on your soul and energy.

If you do continue to eat meat and dairy, you can either lessen the amount you consume and replace some nutrients with some of the plant options, you can help your soul handle the vibrations of the meat by saying thank you to the animal you are eating for giving you the nutrients you need for this meal.

You can put light healing energy in your water, your food, and the air you breathe. This is a great practice to heal yourself.

Non-GMO’s, Vegan, and Organic labels make me happy to see in my home. Watch out for excessive sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats. I got rice crackers that were delicious and amazing for you with tons of essential metals like calcium, iron, and potassium. You can replace snacks with healthier snacks such as seaweed, nuts, berries, other fruits, pumpkin seeds, and many more options are available.

If you are having trouble breaking from an unhealthy diet, try fasting. There are many kinds of fasting. Afterwards, you will have a different perspective on food. I recommend looking up which way fits you and your desires best.

My goal is to have a garden where the only things I eat is from it.

Try adding new herbs and spices in your cooked meals. Eating vegan is creative, It’s fun, it’s art. Im personally not completely vegan yet, but I have been slowly changing small things in my diet at a time. I recommend doing it slow as well.

Every plant you eat, herb, and spices, are all spiritual and have spiritual benefits as well. Bay leaves are great to cook with spiritually. Look up kitchen witches for inspiration, also Infinite Waters on YouTube is an amazing source to help you going vegan or switching to healthier alternatives.

Watch out for water with fluoride. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and is dramatically bad spiritually for you. Being in chlorine does the same.

Overall, eating a more alkaline diet, a healthier diet, a vegan diet, a spiritual diet helps in so many ways. I recommend trying it and seeing how you feel after.

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