Herbs and Oils

There are many herbs and oils with all different physical properties and magical properties.

Many of these herbs and oils have multiple uses and are powerful medicines for spiritual, mental, and physical health. You can use herbs for just about anything. There are some good for headaches, cramps, mucus, and others help with sleep, anxiety, depression and much more. St. John’s wort is great for anxiety and depression. Calendula is great for cramps.

Not only are they great medicines, they are great to make your own products. You can make natural shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, lip scrub, the options are limitless. Jojoba oil and dragons blood are great for the skin.

Many people burn some herbs and diffuse certain essential oils to breathe in the healing benefits unique to each one. Also some herbs are used to burn to cleanse a room, crystals, or even yourself. Some people burn sage, cedar tips, palo santo, and bay leaves to clear negative energies.

The world of herbs is amazing and infinite. Having a collection of herbs is great to help you along your spiritual journey. There are many uses of herbs in spiritual practices such as cleansing and clearing, enhancing psychic abilities, and much more.

Making Your Own

When you make your products or medicines, not only put the ingredients into it, put your intent into it. If you are making a chamomile and St. John’s Wort tea to calm anxiety, put your intent and energy into it. Making it with love and intent really does make a difference.

How to get started

I recommend looking up some herbs and seeing the benefits. If you see any that really call to you or you see the benefits are what you need, then get some at a local store or online. You could also see if there are any around your area.

Get glass jars to hold your herbs. If it is clear, than keep it out of the sunlight. The sunlight removes some of the oils in the herbs that hold the beneficial properties.

A mortar and pestle is a very useful tool when working with dry herbs. You can mash and mix up different blends or change the texture of the herbs to what you need it for.

A glass or ceramic mixing bowl would be very convenient to mix oils and herbs together in.

Also, a tea filter/kettle would be amazing for many medicines you can make.

Overall, herbs and oils have really benefited me spiritually, physically, and mentally. If I feel a sore throat, I will make a tea for it. As Infinite Waters said “prevention is better than cure”. These herbs are not meant to replace a health diet, but work with it.

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