Crystals are living and they generate energy. There is a crystal for just about anything you want; healing, psychic work, enhancing emotions, protection, and much more.

The color of the crystal is associated with different properties. Generally black means protection, the chakra colors are associated with that chakra, and white dreams.

But there is much more to than just color properties.

There are sacred geometries when the crystal is formed. Also they can be in the form of a sacred geometric shape, or have patterns which all have their own properties.

Crystals are all unique with many benefits in each. If you look up online about a crystals metaphysical properties, you will see all the different capabilities of just one crystal.

Crystals are not limited to their description. Each crystal, (for example amethyst) each amethyst has it’s own unique properties and their own personalities.

As you connect with your crystal, it will unlock more and more gifts from your crystal.

You can also program your crystal by telling your crystal with your thoughts, feelings, and intentions what you want your crystal to help you with.

Crystals need to be cleansed after using them or after some time. Especially if the crystal is exposed to negative energy from the people around it.

Crystals are tools that can help us. We are our most powerful crystal though. We can generate more of the energy than the crystal on our own if we are connected more with our higher self.

Overall, crystals are so amazing. I have been using crystals for a while and they have helped me a lot on my journey. I recommend going to a local crystal shop or online and browse through some and see which ones call to you. You can then look up the benefits that the crystal offers. Or you can look up which crystals are good for what you are looking for, and see which one you are drawn to. Crystals are one of nature’s gifts to us.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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