The Spiritual Significance of Art

Art is a way the unconscious comes out to the conscious world. You can get glimpses of people’s inner self by looking at their art.

You can also connect to higher dimensions then paint, draw, sculpt, etc.. and create what you see and experience.

You can paint your dreams and see the symbology and deep meanings behind them.

You can make songs with the lyrics about what you feel and experience and naturally your flow blends with your unconscious. Even making beats, sounds, and playing different instruments bring out your unconscious. Different tones and patterns of sound can put you into trances to meditate or go to other dimensions.

There are also specific spiritual instruments like singing bowls, drums, chimes, and much more.

Art does not have to do any of this to be spiritual. Art is spiritual by nature.

You can get into a meditative trance with the paintbrush, pencil, or whatever tool you are using and move it with your eyes closed and see what comes out. Also you can do this with your eyes open. You could also do half unconscious and half conscious as you fill in the rest consciously.

Art can reveal a lot to you by looking deep into the colors, symbols, shapes, and much more.

Overall, even if you are not a good artist, we are all creators and we are all artists of our own reality. Bringing more creative activities such as creating art, not only help you along the spiritual path, tell you things you did not know about yourself, it also works with your creativity and adds to your creative world making skills and manifestations.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey


  1. I so agree with you. In fact I belong to a group that uses art for spiritual growth and expression. We mostly use writing and visual art but just started doing some art through movement just last night. πŸ™‚

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