Synchronicities, 111, 222, 333

Synchronicities are signs and messages from the universe. They come as numbers, symbols, sacred geometry, events you experience, music, what people say, people you meet, signs in nature, and much more.

Synchronicities are divine timing. Everything flows together. Imagine all of existence as an ocean and waves are moving. Imagine the waves as people and things happening to people and everything else that come together in unison.

Each number means something different to an individual. My numbers will be different from your numbers. Look out for numbers and what you experience after, before, or during them.

There are also angel numbers. These are messages from angels helping you along your path.

Look out for reoccurring shapes, figures, patterns, sacred geometry, and colors. These are all messages to you from the universe.

I often see signs in nature. The wind will blow to confirm what I am thinking or the thunder will speak to me. All of nature is speaking to you, you just have to listen.

I see feathers and birds a lot as signs. I also see three parallel lines often. Seeing signs like this often give you a feeling intuitively. Try and analyze when you see a sign what that means to you.

The universe speaks to us constantly, we just need to decode and feel the light language in the numbers, sacred geometry, nature, and in everything else.

We are all apart of the wave, the ocean, the code. We have the code in us. The universe is like a musical performance and we are dancing in it.

Overall, paying attention to synchronicities will definitely help you out along your journey. They are beautiful tones and notes of the universe, and by listening, we can dance with the universe.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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