What is Magic?

Magic is the limitless energy going though everything in existence. Magic flows within everything. Magic is energy. We are the magicians that can control the flow of that energy.

Magic is everything in existence. Everything is beautiful and has so many more layers than what we can see with our physical eyes.

Magic is in the light and the darkness. It is infinite and loving. It is eternal, just as we are enteral. We are everything and everything is us. Magic is playful.

Seeing with your mind is seeing with your third eye. Imagining is creating reality as you imagine it. What you imagine is not fake, it is creating in real time. It is also tapping into other dimensions and seeing what is actually there, just on a higher vibration.

We have the power to create whole galaxies. We can create waterfalls flowing up in our home with purple water. We can live and experience 1000 years in a few minutes. Our only limitations are ones you create for yourself. We are limitless. Creativity is magical.

See your own world. Who told you that the grass is green. I often see blue grass. I see past the limitations. Me believing the grass is green makes my eyes see green grass. Our whole experience is created by our mind. Everything is us. Everything is connected with this living life force in everyone and everything.

Overall, our universe is magical and most of the spectrum is unseeable to humans with only their physical eyes. When they combine their third eye/imagination with their physical eyes, then they can see the infinite beauty in everything. The only limits we have are our beliefs.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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  1. You are correct in saying our only limits are our beliefs. Creativity is magical,but only awakening witches and wizards, not muggles will understand this. I understand everything you have posted but to most you might as well be speaking an alien language. Nice post.

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