Being Authentic

We came here not to fit into a system of brainwashed slaves, but we came here to be different; we are all unique. We came here to be ourselves.

Society is made up. The social ideals, rules, and structures are all made up. Society wants people to fit in and become another slave that do not think for themselves about how they will express themselves, what they do, what they believe in, what is right and wrong, and everything else.

Us being who we truly are is what they do not want us to do. We come to this Earth with great gifts that are intertwined with us. When we are doing what we came on this earth to do, it is also our happiness and fulfillment, it uses our skills and abilities, and much more. We are happy doing what we love, what we love is what we came here to do.

Start expressing yourself honestly. Say to people that you are depressed and you do not care about anything or you do not like what a person is saying. Do it non-attacking manner, but do it by truly expressing your inner/true self.

Stop believing what people tell you and see the world how you see it. Do what you want to do, not what you are programmed by society to want to do like buy a new pair of shoes or a house; but do what your soul desires deep down. Start looking at what you want and need and see if that is what society wanted you to do, think, or feel or is that what you truly love on a soul level.

Society has programmed people into being over sexualized, cynical, and to be blind to what is really around them.

There are many people that are blind to most of reality. Many people do not know everything they look at is only a very small amount of what is actually there. Many people do not know they only see the grass green because someone told them it was green. This isn’t a bad thing. Nothing is good or bad. The awakened ones choose to live their own life, not one decided for them before they were born.

Start sitting different, eating different, everything different, drop all your belief systems and systems of doing things and do them authentically. By doing this you will see more of who you are, more of a sense of purpose, and closer to what you came here to do. You don’t have to worry about coming here for a big task to save the earth and its people, you being authentic and following what you love is doing exactly that.

Overall, this can be challenging and I cannot express of how of much importance this is especially if you have lost a sense of purpose and reason of living. This is how we become our true artist to paint the reality we desire, not what someone else wants us to paint.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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