Feel your feelings, embrace them. When your joyful, depressed, anxious, or zen, fully feel that. Otherwise you are not being truly you and honoring yourself, your feelings are you.

Experiencing your feelings is needed to go in the directions you want, otherwise you are delaying your positive changes and development.

Experiencing our feelings is so you can understand where you are and who you are. Then we can clearly see what affects us and what we can do.

If your situation seems helpless, know you are manifesting that. Know that if you change your thoughts, you change your reality.

One night, I was having a bad night and I stopped and changed my thoughts and beliefs to this is a great night and my night became great.

Don’t let anything or anyone control and affect your energy and mood. If someone is sad near you, don’t accept that energy. Deflect all that energy. Often people like to vent and send all that energy to you, but send that energy back to them, don’t accept it.

Overall, be in control of your own energy and emotions, don’t let others control them; or otherwise your a puppet to your environment and anything can take you off track.

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By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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