The Present Moment and How Time Works

Now that time has switched from circular time to spiral time, the past, present, and future are all happening at once because your past and your future are connected in the spiral instead of separate events. All of existence is in the present moment.

Really try and stay still and perceive everything you are experiencing with all of your senses. Notice the smell of the air, how it feels to go down into your lungs, how the temperature feels like on your skin. Notice how it feels on your legs when your sitting or standing.

The present moment is infinite. From here in this timeless space, you can change your past, present, and future. You can meditate and when you open your eyes, you are opening them in a higher dimension aligned with the reality you desire.

You are limitless. You are infinite. Your magic is with intent, though, and feelings and you mixing in your creativity in the magic to really see with your third eye into the dimension that is here where these are visible.

Categorized as new age

By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey

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