How to Become Rich Doing What you Love

Your talents, interests, passion, and love are all keys that will unlock success for you.

The road towards success is not easy, that is why you cannot just do anything to get there. You need to put in the work and the way you do that is by doing what you love.

It is by doing what you are here on earth for. It is using your talents, skills, interests, passion, love and focusing that all for helping others.

When you help others, focus on how you are adding value to them, not how you can make more money.

If you just focus on the money in survival mode or selfish reasons, you are very limited, and you block off many opportunities coming to you.

Really find who you are and why you are here. Look at clues in your past, the present with what you are good at, love, and want to do, and the future for where you want to be.

To find what you love, find what you cannot go without doing you love it so much. Find what you find time for no matter what. Getting to do something you think you like a lot is not enough. You need to be driven by love and passion. This is the fire that will propel you towards your dreams.

The past, present, and future are all happening at the same time. See yourself already in your success and act the part. Set your mind in the frame of already being rich. See your relationships as priceless and that you are already rich. See and appreciate where you are and what you have, and what you have done to get it.

In conclusion, follow your heart, not your fears. Your fears are programs in your head that lead you away from not only success, but life itself. Take chances. Think of a bird flying for the first time jumping off the nest. It doesn’t know if it can fly, but it jumps. That is the only way to fly. The only way to live, to be successful, is to jump with your love and passion as your wings as you fly through the sky.

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By dragonsfeel

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