Protection from Radiation

Radiation is a common way that many people not only get cancer, but spiritually, drains their soul.

One thing you can do is stop using the microwave and use the stove or a toaster oven. Microwaves have been tested by reading the amount of radiation emitting from it, but also there was an experiment that used microwaved water to water a plant and non- microwaved water and the one with microwaved water died and the one with regular water was green and grew.

Another thing you can do is use a shungite mobile phone protector for your phone. Wireless phones emit an extremely large amount of radiation and phones are constantly put up to our heads or in our pocket next to our body. Shungite is a super powerful crystal that blocks way more radiation than your phone can emit.

I also put shungite protectors on my gaming consoles and any electronic that I own. You will notice a huge difference when you put this on. You will feel a huge relief even if you do not feel the radiation as sensitive as others.

Smoky quartz also helps with radiation and it is great to have a piece of it in a room with a lot of electronics, or in your bedroom to help with sleep, or on you as jewelry, or in your pocket.

Overall there are more ways to protect yourself from radiation, but these are some big ways you can make a huge difference with the energies in your home and around you.

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