How Food Affects You in Ways you Might not Know

Since ancient times, we have known we live in a world of illusion. Our food is killing us. Big corporations and the government are earning money on people buying meat and dairy. The meat and dairy are causing people to getting cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Meat is a worse carcinogen than cigarettes. Dairy and eggs are both extremely fatty and are both not meant for the human body. A documentary that explains this topic in greater detail is called “What the Health” on Netflix.

Why would he government do this? Because cancer is over a trillion dollar industry. They put the illusion that perceptions are a cure and a crutch, but what you should do is prevent your body to getting to that state in the first place. The cure to all diseases including cancer and diabetes is a plant-based diet. A vegan diet is proven to reverse all diseases.

The information that comes out about diet and the research are all funded by the corporations that want you to buy their meat and dairy. Just like how the tobacco industry was doing the research on tobacco and they stated that their research shows tobacco is not bad for you and many people used to smoke because of that, but because the real facts started to come out, people stopped smoking as much.

A plant-based diet has many misconceptions with it. For one, people will ask “where will you get your protein”. Often Americans eat too much protein and plant proteins and any nutrients from plants are better for your body than flesh. Humans do not need to eat meat to survive. All protein comes from plants, animals digest it and you get the second hand proteins.

Animal flesh coats your arteries with cholesterol, has high sodium content, and causes more deaths than 7 9/11 attacks a year. Diseases easily spread in the conditions of the animals being picked together in their own feces.

On a spiritual level, when the animal dies, and you eat the meat of that animal, you take on its energy, it’s sadness, suffering, grief, and more and you experience this energy in your life. Got soul is taking the hits and your vibration lowers greatly from eating flesh.

The farms for these animals are the biggest problem for our environment. The earth and people will see unforeseen improvements by living by a plant-based diet, without meat, dairy, and eggs.

In conclusion, I recommend trying a plant based diet. It takes 35 days for your body to completely regenerate itself. These meats and sugars are addicting and it is difficult for some, but if you go vegan for the right reasons, it is easy because you do not want to support the corruption or even harm animals, the earth, and yourself.

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