Occult Knowledge: Peacock Ore

Peacock ore will align and balance all your chakras. After it cleanses each one, it aligns all of your energetic bodies to the physical body.

Peacock ore assists you in aligning your thoughts and emotions to your inner self.

Peacock ore connects very deeply with the third eye in particular and is a key to connecting yourself with ancient occult knowledge.

Archangel Metatron assists you with this crystal to keep balanced and aligned. This stone is great for self-empowerment.

What an amazing tool this stone is! This is definitely one of my must haves in my collection. The energy from this crystal is very strong and it completely takes out any negative energies from me like an extremely strong magnet.

I love traveling to different astrological planes with this crystal. This is such a unique stone that has more about it than what many know. This crystal will give you more knowledge when you form a stronger connection with it.

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I love the in-depth information from this site. Reading from here teaches me about myself meaning everything.

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