The World is Not Screwed

This is a huge topic that is personal to a lot of people going through a sort of lost feeling, in a seemingly chaotic world.

First I’ll start with food. Humans have been eating meat, dairy, and eggs for as long as our species has survived and those animal species and us would not of survived without each other. We are intertwined in the core of what a human body is.

Businesses are people and made by people’s decisions. There are many businesses out there that actually care about the animals they have for the business and genuinely are thinking exactly like how you are. Yes it matters to pay a bit more for that! Too many people say that every business does the same things, sources from the same sources, it’s so triggering. When someone understands business, they truly see not all businesses are the same; and the mere fact that some businesses created themselves because they hated businesses like that.

Plants are alive, they have feelings, consciousness, and love and suffer like the rest of us. When you eat a strawberry, lettuce, mushroom, cucumber, etc… you are eating it alive.

Don’t let this fact frighten you because even water is conscious. We need to consume living things in order to live. “Destruction is the first step of creation”. In order for life, there needs to be space for that life created by destruction, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Even though plants, animals, and mushrooms don’t want to die through the instinct to survive, they are conscious enough to understand death, and not have the same illusions as humans. Humans had also never feared death besides survival instinct for a while because we understood that we are energy experiencing life through a human body, but the body is not the experiencer, the soul is. When you dream, day dream, play video games, etc… you are actually experiencing life through another vessel. It wasn’t until Christianity was introduced to the world that people started to fear death for the first time besides the instinct to go on.

The world temperature has been in the same pattern of heating up and cooling and repeat for billions of years. YES, billions! We have been exiting out of an ice age and of course we are in a warming period that is not abnormal, but has been happening like this forever. No it is not us humans. Global warming was actually a theory that came by oil companies buying and paying 10 scientist to say that it exists and that we have an effect on the planets temperature. Why you might ask? To have a advantage over their competitors by providing alternate energy and fuel sources.

I know there are a lot of topics that people are worried about and please let me know your concerns, but overall I want to let you all know that the world is not screwed. We as a planet, and everything on it, have been going through an Ascension of consciousness and have been more aware to truths. The more and more conscious we become the more you understand everything in existence is light, aka love energy, aka 432hz, literally. The more you realize no one is in control, even if you think the government, religions, secret societies, the rich, no one, when you look at your life, is controlling you. They are making you think that they are doing the impossible. No one can control a chaotic world ever. We live in a chaotic world/universe that means, without sense or order.

I will be covering these topics more in depth in my blogs coming up. Thank you for reading 🙂 again if you have anything of concern, feel free to ask in the comments! Thank you and have a nice day

By dragonsfeel

Along my spiritual journey


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