Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, and more

“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Many creatures that have been talked about by many cultures around the world actually do exist on earth; they are currently in a higher dimension. Just like how we can only see a small spectrum of light, we cannot see that dimension unless we raise our vibration or in times like now where we are ascending to a higher dimension.

Dragons I have been working with, they are around now to help the transition into 5D. They are very powerful beings at a higher consciousness than us. To contact with them, I recommend watching a guided meditation for connecting to the dragon energy.

All of the elementals are within the energy of that element. To connect with any, really feel yourself merge with everything, open yourself up to receive, and silence your mind from any other distractions.

See the elementals come to you in your mind, take in the experiences for what they are and don’t contaminate your experience with other belief systems, thoughts, fears, worries, or doubts. Be a blank canvas for the art of the elementals to paint.

You seeing images in your mind is your third eye. You seeing with it is your imagination. People think that imagination is you making things up, but you are actually seeing what is actually there and also creating in real time. We have the ability to create worlds. When you use your third eye to see these creatures, you can invite them into your experience. You can train to use your third eye with your physical eyes and see the two merge with practice.

The elementals are loving and they care for Earth. Before you walk into the woods, the gnomes, trolls, fairies, pixies, and many more elementals scan you and see your intentions and what you will do in there home. They appreciate greatly caring for the environment, such as picking up trash. They might even choose to reveal themselves overtime once you build this trust with them.

Overall, the world of elementals is one of the most fascinating experiences for me and I have unlocked and learned a lot from connecting to elementals.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading 🙂

You are More Psychic Than you Think

Many people have different psychic abilities such as channeling, telepathy, empathy, precognition, and the list goes on and on.

Some people choose to incarnate with these abilities from birth.

We all have the capability to do all of these things as we develop ourselves and free ourselves from the limitations of our mind and environment.

All things in existence are connected and once you drop your ego (illusion of you being only this character you play instead of seeing you are everything experiencing yourself through this aspect of yourself) you can then really connect to people and heal them because you feel what they do and much more.

Everything is the mind and we are limitless multi-dimensional beings. Our only limitations are our belief systems.

In quantum physics, the body’s energy field (made up of thoughts, feelings, beliefs) interacts with the molecules in the universe. Look up the double slit experiment if you want to get an understanding of the science behind it. But our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings create our reality because molecules exist and know how to behave when they are being observed. This is how the law of attraction works, where your focus and the previous listed things are, is what is brought into your reality.

Levitation works because many theories were created by secret societies to limit us by creating a limiting belief system. Gravity for example was a theory to limit our possibilities. What actually exists in our reality is that what is more dense sinks, what is less dense rises. So in your mind if you imagine, truly believe, Feel, think, you are getting less dense than the air, and with practice, you will rise. To know actual laws of the universe, I recommend looking into the 7 hermetic principles.

So overall, we have the power within us, we are the universe. The truth is that we are all psychic and we have limitless potential in our development. There is much more to life than we are lead to believe with the matrix of technology, medicines, and much more that keep us caged. We now need to connect with our true selves and create our life like how an artist makes a painting. We are the artist of our life, with no limitations on what we can create.