Why Meditate During the Ascension?

Whenever I meditate in the morning, I focus on my breathe and clear my mind. Then, things will come to me, such as feelings of what I will do today, and the energies coming in today. Also, I calm and relax myself grounding first thing in my day. A steady foundation is important for building upon, creating, developing, and anything you will do in that day.



Especially now that we are getting tons of downloads, it is of great help to yourself when you take the time to know which downloads you will build upon and develop further and how you will go about that. Also, you can use meditation to bring yourself fully in the present moment and this will calm overthinking, anxiety, or worries/fears.

Meditation is a tool we can use as a way to connect with ourselves without any interferences. Here we can find answers for what we want to know and/or what will accelerate our spiritual development.

Trying to meditate?

I found it easier for me personally to meditate early in the morning, with no distractions from cars, people, or anything else. I would sometimes meditate right after yoga because yoga put me into more of a relaxed state. I would try to set a timer for 3-5 minutes and then get lost in the meditation knowing that it will only be for that amount of time. If there are outside noises disrupting your focus inward, play some meditation sounds/music/binaural beats in the background.

Knowledge Sanctuary

Thank you for joining me! I have been really feeling a call to share my knowledge and my experiences as I continue down my spiritual path; especially now during this ascension.

“If you change your thoughts, you change your reality”

I have been inspired by many youtube channels such as: Spirit Science, Infinite Waters, Teal Swan, DNA Activation, The Truth will set you Free, and many more. Alan Watts is one of the most inspirational philosophers i learn from. Also, I am reading many books currently like The Green Witch, and the Emerald Tablets.

I just got into painting, I have a Tarot deck and 3 oracle decks, one is a spirit animal deck, an angel deck, and a dragon deck.

I will be posting daily on either my experiences, thoughts, or feelings.

I deeply enjoy the journey, thank you for your interest!  🙂