Being Authentic

We came here not to fit into a system of brainwashed slaves, but we came here to be different; we are all unique. We came here to be ourselves.

Society is made up. The social ideals, rules, and structures are all made up. Society wants people to fit in and become another slave that do not think for themselves about how they will express themselves, what they do, what they believe in, what is right and wrong, and everything else.

Us being who we truly are is what they do not want us to do. We come to this Earth with great gifts that are intertwined with us. When we are doing what we came on this earth to do, it is also our happiness and fulfillment, it uses our skills and abilities, and much more. We are happy doing what we love, what we love is what we came here to do.

Start expressing yourself honestly. Say to people that you are depressed and you do not care about anything or you do not like what a person is saying. Do it non-attacking manner, but do it by truly expressing your inner/true self.

Stop believing what people tell you and see the world how you see it. Do what you want to do, not what you are programmed by society to want to do like buy a new pair of shoes or a house; but do what your soul desires deep down. Start looking at what you want and need and see if that is what society wanted you to do, think, or feel or is that what you truly love on a soul level.

Society has programmed people into being over sexualized, cynical, and to be blind to what is really around them.

There are many people that are blind to most of reality. Many people do not know everything they look at is only a very small amount of what is actually there. Many people do not know they only see the grass green because someone told them it was green. This isn’t a bad thing. Nothing is good or bad. The awakened ones choose to live their own life, not one decided for them before they were born.

Start sitting different, eating different, everything different, drop all your belief systems and systems of doing things and do them authentically. By doing this you will see more of who you are, more of a sense of purpose, and closer to what you came here to do. You don’t have to worry about coming here for a big task to save the earth and its people, you being authentic and following what you love is doing exactly that.

Overall, this can be challenging and I cannot express of how of much importance this is especially if you have lost a sense of purpose and reason of living. This is how we become our true artist to paint the reality we desire, not what someone else wants us to paint.

What is Magic?

Magic is the limitless energy going though everything in existence. Magic flows within everything. Magic is energy. We are the magicians that can control the flow of that energy.

Magic is everything in existence. Everything is beautiful and has so many more layers than what we can see with our physical eyes.

Magic is in the light and the darkness. It is infinite and loving. It is eternal, just as we are enteral. We are everything and everything is us. Magic is playful.

Seeing with your mind is seeing with your third eye. Imagining is creating reality as you imagine it. What you imagine is not fake, it is creating in real time. It is also tapping into other dimensions and seeing what is actually there, just on a higher vibration.

We have the power to create whole galaxies. We can create waterfalls flowing up in our home with purple water. We can live and experience 1000 years in a few minutes. Our only limitations are ones you create for yourself. We are limitless. Creativity is magical.

See your own world. Who told you that the grass is green. I often see blue grass. I see past the limitations. Me believing the grass is green makes my eyes see green grass. Our whole experience is created by our mind. Everything is us. Everything is connected with this living life force in everyone and everything.

Overall, our universe is magical and most of the spectrum is unseeable to humans with only their physical eyes. When they combine their third eye/imagination with their physical eyes, then they can see the infinite beauty in everything. The only limits we have are our beliefs.

Synchronicities, 111, 222, 333

Synchronicities are signs and messages from the universe. They come as numbers, symbols, sacred geometry, events you experience, music, what people say, people you meet, signs in nature, and much more.

Synchronicities are divine timing. Everything flows together. Imagine all of existence as an ocean and waves are moving. Imagine the waves as people and things happening to people and everything else that come together in unison.

Each number means something different to an individual. My numbers will be different from your numbers. Look out for numbers and what you experience after, before, or during them.

There are also angel numbers. These are messages from angels helping you along your path.

Look out for reoccurring shapes, figures, patterns, sacred geometry, and colors. These are all messages to you from the universe.

I often see signs in nature. The wind will blow to confirm what I am thinking or the thunder will speak to me. All of nature is speaking to you, you just have to listen.

I see feathers and birds a lot as signs. I also see three parallel lines often. Seeing signs like this often give you a feeling intuitively. Try and analyze when you see a sign what that means to you.

The universe speaks to us constantly, we just need to decode and feel the light language in the numbers, sacred geometry, nature, and in everything else.

We are all apart of the wave, the ocean, the code. We have the code in us. The universe is like a musical performance and we are dancing in it.

Overall, paying attention to synchronicities will definitely help you out along your journey. They are beautiful tones and notes of the universe, and by listening, we can dance with the universe.


Starseeds are beings from other places in the universe besides Earth. They are incarnated here to raise the consciousness, frequency, and vibration of this 3D Earth to 5D Earth and all it’s inhabitants.

There are many starseeds here on Earth. They often feel different from everyone else, and also might have a feeling like wanting to come home, but that not on Earth.

Starseeds might be born with some abilities, such as healing abilities, already because they have ascended in other lifetimes in other galaxies.

Many have lived on Earth for a while helping humans throughout their existence.

Starseeds, just like everyone else when they incarnate here on Earth forget everything about their past experiences and are placed in the same illusions just like everyone else.

There are kids now that are new starseeds that do not experience the lower consciousness that humans did before in 3D. They are born already 5D into higher consciousness to help out when the Earth ascends to 5D soon.

There are many races that are common here on Earth, such as Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion, Sirian, Feline, Reptilian, Avian, and Andromedan.

Each race has traits that go along with them, so in the human vessel, they will still carry a lot of these traits. It is worth it to watch a YouTube video or read an article on the different race traits and see if you have any of them.

Each species has different reasons of coming to Earth, but also each being has a different reason for coming.

What fulfills the starseed, what gives them joy, and uses the skills they have is what their mission is.

If the starseed was drawn to YouTube and teaching others, then they start a channel, they love doing it and it isn’t a job to them, and it fulfills them while using skills they incarnated here with, they have found what they have came here to do.

Hey also raise their own vibration and frequency to help others around them and not around them.

Overall, starseeds are different and don’t feel like they fit in here. It is good to reconnect with your race with other beings similar to you. It is often healing to a starseed to do so by not feeling so alone. Find what fulfills you, find what you came here to do, and you will not only be happy, you will be doing your soul mission.

The Spiritual Significance of Art

Art is a way the unconscious comes out to the conscious world. You can get glimpses of people’s inner self by looking at their art.

You can also connect to higher dimensions then paint, draw, sculpt, etc.. and create what you see and experience.

You can paint your dreams and see the symbology and deep meanings behind them.

You can make songs with the lyrics about what you feel and experience and naturally your flow blends with your unconscious. Even making beats, sounds, and playing different instruments bring out your unconscious. Different tones and patterns of sound can put you into trances to meditate or go to other dimensions.

There are also specific spiritual instruments like singing bowls, drums, chimes, and much more.

Art does not have to do any of this to be spiritual. Art is spiritual by nature.

You can get into a meditative trance with the paintbrush, pencil, or whatever tool you are using and move it with your eyes closed and see what comes out. Also you can do this with your eyes open. You could also do half unconscious and half conscious as you fill in the rest consciously.

Art can reveal a lot to you by looking deep into the colors, symbols, shapes, and much more.

Overall, even if you are not a good artist, we are all creators and we are all artists of our own reality. Bringing more creative activities such as creating art, not only help you along the spiritual path, tell you things you did not know about yourself, it also works with your creativity and adds to your creative world making skills and manifestations.


Crystals are living and they generate energy. There is a crystal for just about anything you want; healing, psychic work, enhancing emotions, protection, and much more.

The color of the crystal is associated with different properties. Generally black means protection, the chakra colors are associated with that chakra, and white dreams.

But there is much more to than just color properties.

There are sacred geometries when the crystal is formed. Also they can be in the form of a sacred geometric shape, or have patterns which all have their own properties.

Crystals are all unique with many benefits in each. If you look up online about a crystals metaphysical properties, you will see all the different capabilities of just one crystal.

Crystals are not limited to their description. Each crystal, (for example amethyst) each amethyst has it’s own unique properties and their own personalities.

As you connect with your crystal, it will unlock more and more gifts from your crystal.

You can also program your crystal by telling your crystal with your thoughts, feelings, and intentions what you want your crystal to help you with.

Crystals need to be cleansed after using them or after some time. Especially if the crystal is exposed to negative energy from the people around it.

Crystals are tools that can help us. We are our most powerful crystal though. We can generate more of the energy than the crystal on our own if we are connected more with our higher self.

Overall, crystals are so amazing. I have been using crystals for a while and they have helped me a lot on my journey. I recommend going to a local crystal shop or online and browse through some and see which ones call to you. You can then look up the benefits that the crystal offers. Or you can look up which crystals are good for what you are looking for, and see which one you are drawn to. Crystals are one of nature’s gifts to us.

Herbs and Oils

There are many herbs and oils with all different physical properties and magical properties.

Many of these herbs and oils have multiple uses and are powerful medicines for spiritual, mental, and physical health. You can use herbs for just about anything. There are some good for headaches, cramps, mucus, and others help with sleep, anxiety, depression and much more. St. John’s wort is great for anxiety and depression. Calendula is great for cramps.

Not only are they great medicines, they are great to make your own products. You can make natural shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, lip scrub, the options are limitless. Jojoba oil and dragons blood are great for the skin.

Many people burn some herbs and diffuse certain essential oils to breathe in the healing benefits unique to each one. Also some herbs are used to burn to cleanse a room, crystals, or even yourself. Some people burn sage, cedar tips, palo santo, and bay leaves to clear negative energies.

The world of herbs is amazing and infinite. Having a collection of herbs is great to help you along your spiritual journey. There are many uses of herbs in spiritual practices such as cleansing and clearing, enhancing psychic abilities, and much more.

Making Your Own

When you make your products or medicines, not only put the ingredients into it, put your intent into it. If you are making a chamomile and St. John’s Wort tea to calm anxiety, put your intent and energy into it. Making it with love and intent really does make a difference.

How to get started

I recommend looking up some herbs and seeing the benefits. If you see any that really call to you or you see the benefits are what you need, then get some at a local store or online. You could also see if there are any around your area.

Get glass jars to hold your herbs. If it is clear, than keep it out of the sunlight. The sunlight removes some of the oils in the herbs that hold the beneficial properties.

A mortar and pestle is a very useful tool when working with dry herbs. You can mash and mix up different blends or change the texture of the herbs to what you need it for.

A glass or ceramic mixing bowl would be very convenient to mix oils and herbs together in.

Also, a tea filter/kettle would be amazing for many medicines you can make.

Overall, herbs and oils have really benefited me spiritually, physically, and mentally. If I feel a sore throat, I will make a tea for it. As Infinite Waters said “prevention is better than cure”. These herbs are not meant to replace a health diet, but work with it.