Higher Vibrational Eating?

We get our nutrients from the suns energy. Some people directly get this energy from the sun to nurture themselves from the first and last hour of the sun. This is because it is safe to be looking at the sun during these times.

If you wish to start sun gazing to get nutrients and light codes, it is recommended to start during these times and start only with 5 mins and work your way up.

Plants absorb the suns energy, and by eating a plant based diet, you get the direct nutrients from the sun.

When you eat meat, the animal ate the plants and processes it then you get less nutrients from the sun. That is a reason why vegans eat less food.

Also, animals are 2D, so eating them lowers your vibration. You also eat the energies at the time it died so if it was living in bad conditions and in fear, you bring that in you. Especially since now since we are 5D or ascending to it from 3D. Eating meat can slow your spiritual growth.

There are many plants that have a ton of protein. Spirulina is a wonderful plant that has 4 times the amount of protein as meat. Water cress is also a great source of protein and also many other great minerals and vitamins. Broccoli is great for protein and much more. Not only do they have many benefits additional to the benefits of eating meat, it is good on your soul and energy.

If you do continue to eat meat and dairy, you can either lessen the amount you consume and replace some nutrients with some of the plant options, you can help your soul handle the vibrations of the meat by saying thank you to the animal you are eating for giving you the nutrients you need for this meal.

You can put light healing energy in your water, your food, and the air you breathe. This is a great practice to heal yourself.

Non-GMO’s, Vegan, and Organic labels make me happy to see in my home. Watch out for excessive sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats. I got rice crackers that were delicious and amazing for you with tons of essential metals like calcium, iron, and potassium. You can replace snacks with healthier snacks such as seaweed, nuts, berries, other fruits, pumpkin seeds, and many more options are available.

If you are having trouble breaking from an unhealthy diet, try fasting. There are many kinds of fasting. Afterwards, you will have a different perspective on food. I recommend looking up which way fits you and your desires best.

My goal is to have a garden where the only things I eat is from it.

Try adding new herbs and spices in your cooked meals. Eating vegan is creative, It’s fun, it’s art. Im personally not completely vegan yet, but I have been slowly changing small things in my diet at a time. I recommend doing it slow as well.

Every plant you eat, herb, and spices, are all spiritual and have spiritual benefits as well. Bay leaves are great to cook with spiritually. Look up kitchen witches for inspiration, also Infinite Waters on YouTube is an amazing source to help you going vegan or switching to healthier alternatives.

Watch out for water with fluoride. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and is dramatically bad spiritually for you. Being in chlorine does the same.

Overall, eating a more alkaline diet, a healthier diet, a vegan diet, a spiritual diet helps in so many ways. I recommend trying it and seeing how you feel after.

What is the Event/Ascension?

The “event” has already started. The event is our planet being raised in consciousness from a 3D to a 5D planet. Animals will raise from 2D to 3D. A lot of us have already made the shift to 5D and are now learning the new shifts and abilities.

Every 26,000 Years the earth and earthlings go through an evolution of consciousness. It reached 26,000 years in 2012 and we have been waking up from our sleep collectively.

Soon a solar flash is going to come that will bring much energy to our planet and activate the planets shift to 5D. This light and wave of energy will be seen by everyone.

Beings that have been helping us with our ascension are going to come when the solar flash comes and will teach us about all the entities that have been here trying to keep the human race asleep with illusions of their system that gives them energy from us by us putting energy into consumerism, work that we do not want to do, sports, religions, pornography, and many more things like this feed your energy right to these entities and keep you enslaved to it on your own will.

All those negative entities and beings are going to leave at this time because they cannot handle the high vibration and dimension of the earth, where the energy will be love.

The extraterrestrials that have been helping us ascend will teach us all about our new earth and about our new abilities. Also our true history and anything else we want to know.

They will make new systems instead of our government. They will also get rid of other control systems and they will give us a new currency that has intrinsic value.

The event is coming soon. No one knows for sure exactly when but possibly this year.

If you incarnated here to specifically not to be woken up to experience that, then you will be taken to another 3 dimensional planet. If you cannot handle the high energy at the time the planet ascends, you can be taken to other 3D planets and come back when you want to and can handle it.

Right now we should not wait and try to think about when it will come, but we could prepare for the shift by raising our vibration, frequency, and consciousness. We can do this by changing our diets, by meditating, doing yoga, painting, reading, learning more about spirituality, connecting more with the earth, connecting more with yourself and inner child, and many more higher vibrational activities.

Overall, the event is already happening and we should really continue on our path. Yes the planet is ascending, but we still need to raise our consciousness. Although, 5D will make it easier to raise it than before, we still need to raise it ourselves.

What Happens When we Die?

We never really die, we are immortal. “We are a multi-dimensional being in a human body” – Infinite Waters. Our soul is who we are and when we die, we just change states of being.

When we die, merge with our higher self, the self that remembers everything you have experienced and is the highest vibrational expression of yourself.

Here we are free to travel to all the dimensions as we please. We can manifest and create instantly. You can materialize anything anywhere and make worlds and universes.

We can incarnate into another body on earth or anywhere else in existence.

We would choose to incarnate into a body so we can learn through experience because the best way to learn something is to be in that persons shoes.

We are constantly learning about and developing ourselves. We are all source consciousness experiencing itself.

You can meet up with other souls you want to. You can go anywhere and create anything.

Some of us chose to incarnate here from other galaxies into a human body to help our planet ascend to a higher consciousness, to break through the illusions here, and raise to the 5th dimension. They are called starseeds.

Some people are trapped in soul recycler which is advanced technology that some of the “bad” extraterrestrials have. You look at your life and they try to make you feel guilty on how you affected people and to make you want to go into earth again to be an economic slave for their interest. Also they will lure you into wanting to go into the white light by disguising themselves as loved ones or deities. The thing is that they want you to go into the white light, but they can’t make you; you have to go in voluntarily.

So don’t go into earth with this or any contracts or anything. You didn’t do anything bad in your life, you incarnated into that life wanting to experience that. Good and bad do not exist, they are another system of control. Incarnate into earth if you want to on your own terms.

Overall, no one really dies. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy that we are, are just changing states of consciousness. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

What is Alchemy?


Alchemy is the transmutation of energy. An alchemist does not let outside energies affect him/her by transmuting the energies sent to him by turning any energy into a fuel for what he/she wants to develop.

Alchemy also is transformation of the self, of the soul. It was brought to Earth by Thoth in ancient Egypt, and taught in mystery schools around the world.

Alchemy used the physical alchemy of elements and properties to represent the transmutation of the soul. It teaches how to reach the immortal state (we are all immortal already and not just this body) with the body by coming back into it after death when the alchemist desires, like how Osiris, Jesus, Buddha, and many more did.

There is alchemy of the mind as well, changing mental beliefs, thoughts, blocks, fears, etc… The mind is not the master, we are the master with our mind as a useful tool. It often can be distracting for us. Alan Watts said “If you only think about thoughts about thoughts, you do not really live”. you do not really experience if you are trapped in thoughts of thoughts of thoughts. The physical is projected by the mind and you can change anything physical, even your health, if you change your thoughts, beliefs, intent, attention, and feelings.

Many of our geniuses such as Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein all transmitted their sexual energy into creative energy.

Every single thing is alive, everything is a branch of one thing, and every single thing is a great mystery of beauty and magic.

tree 1

Your emotions, just like your thoughts, etc, are in your electromagnetic field and your electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic fields and energy of everything around you. It tells the molecules around you how to interact, behave, and for which molecules will exist. Molecules being observed come into existence, molecules not being observed by your conscious or unconscious mind, do not exist. The universe does not know good or bad, but it knows what your attention, thoughts, and feelings attract.

Dragons are associated with alchemy. Alchemy has many symbols that give a better understanding when looking at symbolic and esoteric art.

Overall, alchemy is a huge topic and I will write another blog more in depth about alchemy, this is just a brief introduction of the topic. Alchemy is much more than what is on the surface; it is spiritual. If you wish to learn more about Alchemy on your own, I recommend reading a book called “The Emerald Tablets and The Kybalion”.

In the book “The Alchemist” – by Paulo Coelho, he does not talk about the main character mixing different elements and chemicals together; it is about him transmitting his self and his life.

Thank you for all the support 🙂

Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, and more

“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso

Many creatures that have been talked about by many cultures around the world actually do exist on earth; they are currently in a higher dimension. Just like how we can only see a small spectrum of light, we cannot see that dimension unless we raise our vibration or in times like now where we are ascending to a higher dimension.

Dragons I have been working with, they are around now to help the transition into 5D. They are very powerful beings at a higher consciousness than us. To contact with them, I recommend watching a guided meditation for connecting to the dragon energy.

All of the elementals are within the energy of that element. To connect with any, really feel yourself merge with everything, open yourself up to receive, and silence your mind from any other distractions.

See the elementals come to you in your mind, take in the experiences for what they are and don’t contaminate your experience with other belief systems, thoughts, fears, worries, or doubts. Be a blank canvas for the art of the elementals to paint.

You seeing images in your mind is your third eye. You seeing with it is your imagination. People think that imagination is you making things up, but you are actually seeing what is actually there and also creating in real time. We have the ability to create worlds. When you use your third eye to see these creatures, you can invite them into your experience. You can train to use your third eye with your physical eyes and see the two merge with practice.

The elementals are loving and they care for Earth. Before you walk into the woods, the gnomes, trolls, fairies, pixies, and many more elementals scan you and see your intentions and what you will do in there home. They appreciate greatly caring for the environment, such as picking up trash. They might even choose to reveal themselves overtime once you build this trust with them.

Overall, the world of elementals is one of the most fascinating experiences for me and I have unlocked and learned a lot from connecting to elementals.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading 🙂

You are More Psychic Than you Think

Many people have different psychic abilities such as channeling, telepathy, empathy, precognition, and the list goes on and on.

Some people choose to incarnate with these abilities from birth.

We all have the capability to do all of these things as we develop ourselves and free ourselves from the limitations of our mind and environment.

All things in existence are connected and once you drop your ego (illusion of you being only this character you play instead of seeing you are everything experiencing yourself through this aspect of yourself) you can then really connect to people and heal them because you feel what they do and much more.

Everything is the mind and we are limitless multi-dimensional beings. Our only limitations are our belief systems.

In quantum physics, the body’s energy field (made up of thoughts, feelings, beliefs) interacts with the molecules in the universe. Look up the double slit experiment if you want to get an understanding of the science behind it. But our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings create our reality because molecules exist and know how to behave when they are being observed. This is how the law of attraction works, where your focus and the previous listed things are, is what is brought into your reality.

Levitation works because many theories were created by secret societies to limit us by creating a limiting belief system. Gravity for example was a theory to limit our possibilities. What actually exists in our reality is that what is more dense sinks, what is less dense rises. So in your mind if you imagine, truly believe, Feel, think, you are getting less dense than the air, and with practice, you will rise. To know actual laws of the universe, I recommend looking into the 7 hermetic principles.

So overall, we have the power within us, we are the universe. The truth is that we are all psychic and we have limitless potential in our development. There is much more to life than we are lead to believe with the matrix of technology, medicines, and much more that keep us caged. We now need to connect with our true selves and create our life like how an artist makes a painting. We are the artist of our life, with no limitations on what we can create.

Why Meditate During the Ascension?

Whenever I meditate in the morning, I focus on my breathe and clear my mind. Then, things will come to me, such as feelings of what I will do today, and the energies coming in today. Also, I calm and relax myself grounding first thing in my day. A steady foundation is important for building upon, creating, developing, and anything you will do in that day.



Especially now that we are getting tons of downloads, it is of great help to yourself when you take the time to know which downloads you will build upon and develop further and how you will go about that. Also, you can use meditation to bring yourself fully in the present moment and this will calm overthinking, anxiety, or worries/fears.

Meditation is a tool we can use as a way to connect with ourselves without any interferences. Here we can find answers for what we want to know and/or what will accelerate our spiritual development.

Trying to meditate?

I found it easier for me personally to meditate early in the morning, with no distractions from cars, people, or anything else. I would sometimes meditate right after yoga because yoga put me into more of a relaxed state. I would try to set a timer for 3-5 minutes and then get lost in the meditation knowing that it will only be for that amount of time. If there are outside noises disrupting your focus inward, play some meditation sounds/music/binaural beats in the background.